About Us

My name is Maulvi Shahnavas Baqavi, (Director of Noon Gallery). I am an Aalim, Calligrapher as well as an Islamic studies & Arabic language My academic background is in Arabic language and Islamic studies. I did my graduate studies at Baqiyathu Swalihath Arabic College- India.

I am passionate about the Arabic language, Islamic history, Quranic knowledge and Islamic studies and have studies these topics extensively. One of the main services I provide is Noon Shariah which focuses on Quranic tafseer and recitation training, Arabic language training, Islamic teaching (Hadith, Fiqh etc.) from basic primary students to advanced students for both children and adults. The services can be availed both Online as well as In-person instruction.

I have also been passionate about the arts since childhood, I am a trained Arabic calligrapher with expertise in Ruq’a, Naskh, Diwani and Kufi scripts as well stone engraving. I hail from Kerala,India.

I practice traditional and contemporary Arabic calligraphy, and do custom calligraphy design on stone, walls, paper and digital mediums for original pieces, weddings, homes, mosques, plaques and more. All my work is hand-written and crafted, I also use computer fonts in my designs. I scan the finished product into CorelDRAW, where it can be turned into a vectorized transparency so your artists can drop it in seamlessly with very little editing required on your end. My services include beautiful Arabic Calligraphy commissions Including Intricate Stone Engraving, Glass Etching, Wood Multimodal Designing, Signage Board, Seal Works, Arabic Typing and Translation works.

Other services I provide include Noon Wal Kalam which is a handwriting improvement service for Arabic language. Noon Musafir is a complete tour and travelling planning service for journeys to Kerala with focus on needs and cultural requirements of middle eastern customers along with language translator services.

When you’re ready, send me an email at shah@noongallery.com and we can work together on providing you with exceptional service for your needs.