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Noon Gallery Is Your One Stop Location For A Diverse Range Of Attractive And Useful Services

My name is Maulvi Shahnavas Baqavi, (Director of Noon Gallery). I am an Aalim, Calligrapher as well as an Islamic studies & Arabic language My academic background is in Arabic language and Islamic studies. I did my graduate studies at Baqiyathu Swalihath Arabic College- India. I am passionate about the Arabic language, Islamic history, Quranic knowledge and Islamic studies and have studies these topics extensively. One of the main services I provide is Noon Shariah which focuses on Quranic tafseer and recitation training, Arabic language training, Islamic teaching (Hadith, Fiqh etc.) from basic primary students to advanced students for both children and adults. The services can be availed both Online as well as In-person instruction.

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Prefer to reach an Islamic cultural standpoint? Noon Gallery leads you to attain it

History plays an important role in shaping a strong and honest traditional society. Cultural sanctity owes for its sustainable progress through diversified linguistic and philosophical prosperity. Our fundamental aim to make aware the interested people to learn more about Islamic tenets philosophical aspirations. Providing ideological support by way of psychological approach intending to uplift social morale of the knowledge seekers.


To satisfy my glorious passion in Arabic language, Islamic history, Quranic knowledge and Islamic studies, dedicated effort has been paying for continuous research to study extensively all these topics.

Noon Gallery buttons the torch of knowledge and spreading sacred learnings among the public along with customary heritages of contemporary Arabic calligraphy art and so on.


Noon Gallery focus it’s intellectual functioning under the following four important heads:

  1. Islamic Teachings for the students (Madrassa Classes), online classes for the following age group:
    • Level 1, for the age of 5 to 7:
      Basic training to learn Arabic Alphabets and enable the students easily achieving reading capacity.
    • Arabi Malayalam and Noorani Quaedha for essential steps to learn to read Holly Quran in a traditional style with perfection.
    • The classes for Level 2 to 5 as syllabus basis: Students including above the age of 13 can have general syllabus for advanced Islamic studie
  2. Arabic calligraphy, artistic designing work on stone, walls, paper in digital medium and hand-written and crafted work as well.
  3. Handwriting and Artistic Work.
    • Empowering students to beautify their handwriting.
    • Artistic work for adorning stage for wedding ceremony, Interiors of Houses, peculiar artistic work for Mosques etc.
    • Engraving, Glass Etching, Wood Multimodal Designing, Signage Board, Seal Works etc.
  4. Translation :
    • Translation of all types of documents from Arabic to English, Malayalam and vice versa.
  5. Noon Tour Package:
    • Arranging Tour Package

It is a complete tours and travel planning services for tour loving people in Middle East who would like to visit Kerala to learn and explore its cultural heritage. Tourist could find easiness to understand language in support of our qualified interpreters.

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Noon Gallery Is Your One Stop Location For A Diverse Range Of Attractive And Useful Services


All types of beatiful arabic calligraphy commissions including intricate stone engraving,glass etching,wood multiwood,wall designing,signage board works and seal works,arabic typing and translation.

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Quran study including detailed quran thafseer classes,Quran reading improvement training(thajweed)and all islamic subjects

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Arabic spoken and written language training for all ages including hand writing improvement lessons

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complete kerela tour planning services with arabic speakers including hotel booking and tour itinerary development.outdoor camping with all facilities

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